Ash of Gods Redemption (25332) MacOSX

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File Size: 2.81 GB

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Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.7.5+
Processor type(s) & speed: 2.5 GHz Core 2 Duo
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

GOG .pkg, install as normal.


Audio and text languages: English, русский
Text only languages: Deutsch, italiano, yкраїнська, polski

1.4 update notes

slow loading on launch fixed
fixed drop of the chest which broke other drops, those who have this will get Magical chest instead
fixed bug with wrong appearance of loot when you open a chest
fixed a bug with clan icon
fixed bug with zero gold drop from Royal chest


Hey! This update is bringing more languages for Ash of Gods as well as adding big multiplayer feature.



From now on, clans are available on multiplayer. Gather your friends, conquer enemies, earn glory to make your clan the strongest.

What you can do:
create and manage clans
communicate via clan’s chat
set roles for each member
exchange cards inside clan
fighting for a clan chest
fighting each other as friends (doesn’t affect personal rating)
improve clan’s rating with your victories

corrected the rarity and allocation of classes by arenas: you can get 16 out of 24 classes from first 3 arenas and remaining 8 classes for the rest of 5 arenas. You get a guaranteed 1 current arena’s card from arenas’ chests.
fixed matching of the units to arena: 12 units are available in the first arena for each player and include 6 common units, 4 rare units, 2 epic units. 6 of them are in the team and the rest of them can be opened by player. Each arena from 2nd to 4th gets 2 common, 2 rare, 2 epic units. And 2 common, 2 rare,1 epic and 1 legendary will be added from 5th arena.
fixed chests drop—now chests will be dropped by mix of table and probabilities—it guarantees that all the players will get fixed amount of wins and probably same amount of bonuses.
changed number of dropped-down gold to speed-up the leveling, increase number of obtained awards per win.
added guaranteed rare and epic cards to chests on every arena higher than 4th.
fixed free chests in “Menhir” to start sharing strixes apart from gold and unit cards.

a great deal of fixes for English localization
fixed windowed mode
fixed long loading



French language is already here. Please, let us know if you find any misprints, bugs or other errors. You can share it on Steam forums or via our Discord. Have a good game.


PTBR is also finished and available for playing. We believe we managed to fix a number of problems but let us know if you face anything. Anyway, we hope you’ll like the game.

Ash of Gods: Redemption
 is a turn-based RPG that combines tactical combat, CCG elements, and a constantly evolving story in which no one is safe from death, including the main characters.

Ash of Gods is the story of three separate protagonists rising in response to a centuries-old menace once thought to be mere folklore.

Ash of Gods’ storyline is constantly evolving in response to players’ choices, sometimes even resulting in death. But, the death of a character is not game over. Instead, the story moves forward with the death of that character and previous choices continuing to impact future events.

Combat in Ash of Gods is a blend of both traditional turn-based strategy and CCG gameplay. While individual tactics will depend upon the skills and classes of your characters, you will unlock and accumulate cards that have the power to unleash powerful abilities, sometimes altering the course of an entire battle.


Decisions with Major Impacts
Every decision, whether on or off the battlefield, has the capacity to alter the course of events and the fate of your party with major repercussions. But, even the death of your leader is not the end of your journey.

No Random Dice Rolls
There are no dice throws to determine chance-to-hit or the force of a blow. In Ash of Gods, true tacticians must master the skills of their classes and harness the powers granted by their limited supplies of cards, or suffer the consequences.

AI that Adapts to You
Ash of Gods’ AI adapts to your style of play to ensure a consistently challenging experience with no room for cheap tactics or invincible team builds.

PvP Multiplayer
Challenge other players and compete for a spot on the leaderboards. Unlock new characters, upgrades, and cards to customize your tactics even further.

Rewards for Risk
Expend your own HP for a last-ditch attack. Go into battle with a smaller team to get better cards and quicker rounds. Take the shorter, but more dangerous route to save on resources. Ash of Gods rewards those willing to take the risks.

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