AweEraser 3.4 MacOSX

Free download cracked and full version of Arturia JUP-8V v3.3.1 MacOSX

File Size: 6 MB

AweEraser is a draft Mac data secure. You can delete safely and permanently data on the hard / storage media drive, permanently delete files from Mac, erase the hard drive and delete data already eliminated in Mac OS. It also provides tools to help you remove applications on your Mac Batch and clean browser history, cache, privacy, etc.

We know that data recovery software can recover deleted or formatted data. Therefore, if you plan to sell, donate or give away your Mac, USB, digital camera, you must ensure that your private data has been permanently deleted, instead of just deleting the files, empty the trash or format the device. AweEraser for Mac provides standards elimination of government and military to ensure the ongoing destruction of specific data without affecting the life of your computer or device data. The methods of data erasure certificates include HMG Infosec Standard 5, German FOFIS, DOD 5220.22-M, US Army. UU. AR380-19, Peter Gutmann algorithm, etc.

This draft Mac data is quite simple to use. Deleting offers flexible and reliable data. Option 1: destroy files / folders. Option 2: Erase the entire hard drive / device to permanently delete all data from hard drive and device. Option 3: delete the free space on the disk to permanently erase deleted and / formatted data. AweEraser for Mac also offers internet uninstaller and cleaner. The uninstaller can help you uninstall applications in batches and remove all related files, including files unwanted application, log files, caches, etc. AweEraser for Mac is 100% secure. Guarantees the permanent deletion of specific data on your hard drive, USB flash drive, digital camera memory card, RAID, server and other storage media. It will not cause any physical damage to your device and delete only the data you want to delete.

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