Beholder 2 1.2.13499 (27015) MacOSX

Free download cracked and full version of Beholder 2 1.2.13499 (27015) MacOSX

File Size: 1.52 GB

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Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.10+
Processor type(s) & speed: 2.6 GHz Core i5
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

GOG .pkg, install and run as normal.

Languages: English, 中文(简体), русский

Change Log:

Ministry of Innovations:
Added the ability to open Biometric Safes one by one.
Added the ability to view the full texts of appeals in the Floor 12 minigame.
Added the ability to remap the key to make Evan walk when using the keyboard.

Ministry of Game Balance:
Made the quest “Win or Die!” easier to complete.
Reduced the time taken to process forms in the Floor 12 minigame.
Reduced the minimal number of forms for the Floor 12 minigame.
Increased the reward for meeting the requirements of the Floor 12 minigame.
Changed the requirements for some clone professions in the Floor 25 minigame.
Added new professions for clones in the Floor 25 minigame.

Ministry of Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug that could block the quest “The Escape”.
Fixed a bug that caused the Pause menu and Game menu buttons to work incorrectly on gamepads (PS4/Xbox).
Fixed a bug that caused the instructions for the Floor 12 minigame to be duplicated.
Fixed a bug that caused the main theme music to be mistakenly played when loading a save during the event in the 1st-floor Boss’s office.
Fixed a bug that could cause Evan to fall through the textures of the 25th floor office.
Fixed a bug where the character could sit in a chair during the arrest.
Fixed a bug during the quest “Past Mistakes” that could lead to the game process being blocked.

Ministry of Collateral Improvements:
Improved Polish localization.
The intro quote is displayed for longer.
Corrected and added voiceover to some game scenes.
Improved some game scenes.
Changed the order of newly added information in the “Profile” tab.
Changed the order of instructions for the Floor 12 minigame.Every citizen of our great State dreams of working at the Prime Ministry! You are lucky, intern – your dream has come true! While you are at the bottom of the career ladder, that is more than many of your fellow citizens will ever achieve!

Have you already decided what you’re going to become? Will you become a diligent and responsible officer decorated by the Wise Leader himself? Or will you become a hardline careerist capable of destroying anyone who stands between you and the Prime Minister’s seat? Or maybe you are just a whistle-blower? If so, who sent you? And why?

Whatever the case, you are now part of the Ministry! From this moment on, no one beyond these walls has ascendance over you! You are free to shape your own future!

So, what are you going to become?

Take up a role of Evan, a newly employed department officer, and make your way up the career ladder.Features

  • You will meet many different characters and get to know them better through the dialogues and the quests that they will give you.
  • You will be able to choose from different options and make a choice that will directly affect the storyline.
  • You may be a good worker or an evil careerist. It all depends on your choice.
  • As you make decisions, you shape the story of the game, and finally you’ll get one of several different endings, the one that you gave deserved.

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