Cinelog-C Bundle for ACR and DaVinci Resolve + ACR Camera Profile + Film Looks macOSX

Download Cinelog-C for macOSX

Cinelog-C is a colorspace management system for use when conforming, transcoding and color grading DNG and Cinema DNG raw footage.

Cinelog-C is available in 2 versions – As technical, high precision shaper luts for DaVinci Resolve or a combination of Digital Camera Profiles (for Adobe Camera Raw) and OpenColorIO Transforms for Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro.

The Custom OCIO configuration included with the Adobe Camera Raw version can also be used for conforming non-raw Log footage that was recorded in cameras such as the ARRI Alexa or Amira (i.e. Alexa ProRes Log-C).

File Size: 167.5 MB

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