Final Cut Pro 10.4.5 MacOSX

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Completely redesigned from the ground up , Final Cut Pro combines a revolutionary video editing with better organization of content and outstanding performance to create an unmatchable speed.

Revolutionary Video Editing
• Version 2 of the magnetic timeline uses advanced metadata for faster and easier than with traditional editing tracks.
• Use connections clip to attach additional footage, sound effects and music to the timeline.
• Group clips in a clip compound to be better organized.
• Edit multicamera projects with automatic sync based on audio waves up to 64 camera angles.
• Import and edit video 360 ° Equirectangular in many formats and frame sizes.

Advanced content organization
• Automatic content analysis captures camera metadata and analyzes images in the background.
• Create and apply custom keywords or bookmarks instantly as you select intervals clips.
• Smart collections organize content dynamically to find any image.

Incredible performance
• Final Cut Pro uses all Mac GPU for superior performance real – time playback and fast rendering in the background.
• The 64 – bit architecture uses all the RAM to work on larger projects.
• The background processing allows you to work without interruption.
• Work natively with a wide range of formats such as ProRes, RED, XAVC, AVCHD or H.264 DSLR.

Amazing and customizable effects
• 2D and 3D Titles easily customizable and with great animations.
• Choose from a variety of third – party FxPlug modules with custom interfaces.

Integrated audio editing
• Assign functions (dialogue, music, effects and custom options) during import to monitor and organize the project.
• Final Cut Pro editing audio problems.
• Sync DSLR video with separate audio and instant adjustment waves.

Intuitive color gradation
• Import, edit and distribute videos with standard color space or color space Rec. 2020.
• Improve clips with “Color Balance”.
• Finely adjust the color of an area of the screen with modulations and masks.
• Use curves and color wheels for precise adjustments and masks modulations.

Output optimized in one step
• Export projects to Apple devices quickly and sites like Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.
• Add content to themed menus and burn a DVD or Blu-ray.
• Import and export XML (for color grading and sound mixing, for example).

System Requirements: macOS 10.12.4 or later, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB for 4K video titles in 3D and 360 °), graphics card compatible with OpenCL GPU card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 (or later), 256 MB of VRAM (1 GB 4K, 3D and video titles 360 °), 4GB of available disk space.

New in version 10.4

Editing virtual reality 360 °
• Import and edit video 360 ° Equirectangular in many formats and frame sizes.
• Send video 360 connected to a VR glasses. *
• Open the viewer 360 to display the Equirectangular view and editing glasses.
• Track the movement of VR glasses on the viewer 360 in Final Cut Pro.
• 360 ° Add effects, such as blurs and shimmers.
• Share 360 video on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.
• Use the correction of 360 ° to remove the instant cameras and equipment from the scene.
• Use the Horizon overlay to easily change the orientation video 360 ° in the display.
• Edit video 360 ° on a project than 360 ° and anime zoom, tilt and pan.
• Place any graphics, still image or video in a project of 360 ° and change its position and size to fit perfectly into the scene of 360 °.
• Support monoscopic and stereoscopic video 360 °.

Advanced color gradation 
• The tab includes specific colors inspector all color controls in one place.
• Powerful new control wheels improve traditional wheels with integrated regulators to adjust the hue, saturation and brightness.
• The color curves allow adjustments with great accuracy by several checkpoints to change the color and contrast.
• curves hue / saturation allow you to select a level of hue or brightness to make adjustments without changing other parts of the image.
• Use the eyedropper in the curves of color and hue / saturation to quickly take samples of parts of an image to make adjustments.
• The “Color Balance” command includes an eyedropper to manually perform white balance.
• Apply custom LUT known sites and apps gradation of color.
• Adjust color corrections in time with precise keyframe controls.
• Streamline color correction with new keyboard shortcuts for adjusting colors and navigating the timeline – based functions.
• The color presets are now in the effects browser, which enables quick searches and previews.

High dynamic range
• Import, edit and publish video HDR as Rec. 2020 HLG or Rec. 2020 PQ for HDR10.
• Send HDR video to display devices using third – party E / S third.
• The integrated monitoring indicates waves HDR brightness levels up to 10,000 nits.
• The “Tools HDR” effect facilitates tone mapping HDR output to standard dynamic range (SDR) as well as conversion between the PQ and HLG formats.
• Option to see HDR as uncompressed values when working without an HDR monitor.

additional features
• Send your iMovie for iOS project directly to Final Cut Pro to use advanced editing features, audio and finishing.
• Import, play and edit video clips in HEVC format (also known as H.265) format HEIF and photos on Apple devices. **
• Send content to Compressor to export video projects HEVC format.
• Adjust audio effects modules Logic Pro X with redesigned and resizable interfaces.
• Support Format RAW Light Cinema Canon Canon additional software.
• Analysis of optical flow faster with Metal 2.
• Compatibility libraries and NFS – based content.
• XML 1.7 with support for new color grading controls, effects of VR 360 ° and HDR.

What’s new

Extensions workflow
• Extends the capabilities of Final Cut Pro with third – party extensions that open directly into the interface of the app.
• Drag clips from the window of extensions, the browser and the timeline.
• Connect to third party accounts to access projects, download multimedia files and purchase content.
• Deep integration allows extensions control playback on the timeline, navigation markers clips, etc.
• extensions include workflow collaboration tools ( repertoire of multimedia files (Shutterstock) and asset management (CatDV).

Batch sharing
• Export and transcodes multiple clips in the browser (with or without camera LUT) to process quickly footage and other previews.
• Select and exports various projects.
• Combine batch sharing packages to encode multiple files in various formats in one step.
• Oversees the export progress in the task window in the background.

Video noise reduction
• Apply effect noise reduction to reduce high – quality grain and video noise.
• Use easy to quickly adjust the appearance and amount of noise reduction controls.
• Easily change the processing order by dragging the effect of reducing the inspector video.
• The display shows the effect of noise reduction paused and dragging off for optimum results.
• Apply video reduction of 360 ° to video clips of 360 ° while maintaining a perfect union.

Timecode window
• Displays the time code project and the source in one or more floating windows timecode.
• Resize the window timecode and drag whatever you want to a second window.
• Displays the names of the clips and functions.
• The color code window timecode corresponds with the colors of the functions of the timeline.

Viewer Comparison
• Open the viewer compared to other frames taken as a reference and ensure that the gradation of color is consistent throughout the project.
• Quickly select the previous or next clip in the timeline and keyframe.
• Save any image in the browser frame for later viewing in the viewer comparison.

Tiny planet
• Select the assignment option “tiny planet” by adding 360 video in a project than 360 ° to create an interesting spherical power .
• Use the roll and pitch parameters to wrap the effect of tiny planet in an infinite cylinder
• Adjust the offset parameter to move the subject horizontally through the tiny planet.
• Encourages view to moving from a close – up view a satellite above recording.
• Deforms titles and 360 ° generators applying the allocation option “tiny planet”.

Other developments
• View, edit and presents captioned with SRT format, which is used in a variety of websites such as Facebook.
• Embeds optional subtitles in the video to make sure they always appear to play.
• When you drag the timeline to select a main argument, you can now select individual clips or entire subplot.
• instantly converts a picture or video in an illustration of comics with Comic filter and then changes its appearance with simple controls for adjusting ink the edges, filling and softness.

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