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A set of tools fully interactive CG for the preparation, development of appearance, lighting and rendering. Clarisse iFX is a powerful set of CG tools trusted by internationally renowned creative studios. Designed by artists for artists is designed to simplify complex creative workflows today, allowing interactivity, speed and power over user data sets containing thousands of millions of polygons.

Created in response to comments CG creatives front line today, Clarisse iFX unifies powerful development tools display, lighting and appearance in one affordable package. Thanks to its rendering engine based integrated CPU, based on the one – way tracking, users can work interactively in environments, scenes and data – rich assets, with total visibility over your creative decision – making. Clarisse iFX integrates seamlessly into the core of any modern production line. It is a set of intuitive, flexible and comprehensive tool that adapts to the needs of studios and production teams working in CG today, not ten years ago.

It works interactively in the final rendered images.
Illuminate the creative process through a modern processor CPU processing amazingly fast. Creatives need no longer work blind: can interactively manipulate the final images, seeing the updates in real time directly in the viewport.
This means up to nine times more creative iterations and a more flexible and unhindered access to content creation approach.

– Manipulating assets interactively hero.
– Work with clipping speed unidirectional and PBR route
– Iterate faster in creative work.

Deeper collaboration founded in powerful references.
Automatically synchronize all existing assets in a scene with one click. The powerful workflow hierarchical reference Clarisse iFX allows a coherent and collaborative creative process: dozens of creative can work simultaneously and seamlessly in one environment while ensuring that artists, coaches and teams wider not lost in the noise. This also allows freelancers easily jump to a project and get to work without any headache.

– From freelancers to large teams: collaborate in scenes with full transparency.
– Synchronize internal and external assets instantly.
– An optimized process from the assembly of the scene to the final rendering.

Burst through the wall of polygons
The extreme complexity is manageable through an evaluation engine memory efficient procedures. Clarisse iFX allows artists to work with thousands of millions of polygons while handling data between racks. Users experience a quick and flexible creative even when handling highly complex environments, thanks to an advanced PBR and trace route renderer not make you sweat.

– Bazillones polygon at your fingertips.
– remarkable flexibility in setting the scene
– Tackle complex CG workflows easily today.

Multiple workflows, an application
Experience a tool created in response to the challenges of modern postproduction. Clarisse iFX consolidated pre-compiled look development, lighting, rendering and precompiling based layers into a unified package. Archaic work flows defined by hopping application are a thing of the past; Instead, users can focus on the singular task of creating incredible art.

– No more jumps application: a unified access,
– friendly set of tools for the artist
– intuitive tools designed specifically for today.
– post-production environment
– No more streams of archaic work 90.

Created for you, for you.
For artists, for artists. Each feature and update Clarisse iFX born of comments and collaboration with our user community. We constantly engage with artists and technical directors frontline to meet the new challenges they face and how they could increase productivity. Clarisse iFX is constructed, improved continually updated and response to these relations.

– Constantly updated to address the challenges of workflow today.
– Designed intuitively – enjoys an easy learning curve
– features developed to increase productivity.

Pipe seamless integration
Built for seamless integration into any modern production line. Clarisse iFX works with leading 2D and 3D applications and does not require custom tools or third – party add- ons to start. It also comes with support for Mainframes CG, integrated color management based on OpenColorIO, friendly ASCII format file with channeling and more.

– Application Support Alembic, OpenVDB, Udim and UV Tiles ready to use
– Support for each image file format.
– Extensive customization Python

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