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Gather data on WiFi networks, create surveys WiFi sites, plan a realistic WiFi coverage, analyze your WiFi with more than 12 interactive displays and troubleshoot WiFi! Install a WiFi network is not always easy. Interference from neighboring wireless networks and radio noise of electronic devices may cause serious problems connecting. While you can overcome them by trial and error, there is a much better solution: the scanner NetSpot PRO WiFi is here for you!

NetSpot PRO is an application WiFi analyzer that lets you get all the necessary details about WiFi networks, measure the signal strength of WiFi, locating WiFi interference problems, analyze and troubleshoot your wireless coverage. NetSpot WiFi Analyzer PRO offers advanced visualizations and powerful reporting features. The heat map displays WiFi include:

* Signal / noise
* Signal level
* Signal- to -interference
* Number of access points.
* Noise level
* frequency band coverage
* Coverage PHY mode
* wireless transmission rate
* Iperf TCP / UDP
* Download Speed
* Upload speed
* Troubleshooting

Features NetSpot PRO:
* Support WiFi standards 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and bands 2.4GHz + 5GHz channels
* Advanced and customizable surveys of their export projects.
* Unlimited number of APs can be displayed simultaneously
* 50 project areas, 50 snapshots per area, 500 data points per heatmap
* Super Flexible Access Point Grouping by SSID, channel, etc., in addition to creating custom groups
* better management of AP with custom alias.
* Easy detection of problem areas in your wireless network and recommendations for improvement
* No special skills are required: analysis simple and fast wireless data

NetSpot PRO is the perfect tool for professional analysis and troubleshooting WiFi for IT managers and network, wireless service providers, engineers, hardware vendors, consultants, agents implementing WiFi, SMB, homeowners and iT looking to optimize your WiFi network.

Additional features of NetSpot PRO:
* Wireless Site Survey Active at speeds of unloading and reloading of the WiFi network is connected
* detection and scanning of hidden networks.
* Survey configurable auto – save.
* Predictive location of access points in heat maps.
* Detailed parameters collected on each network

to make full use of NetSpot PRO, you need the following:
A Mac laptop or desktop computer with Mac mobile macOS 10.13 and above board

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