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With JPEG Photography SILKYPIX 8, you can unleash your creativity! Improve your JPEG photos taken with digital cameras, smart phones and other devices. Use tools to adjust the sharpness clarity, brush freehand selection and other tools. Produce high – quality photo imagined when he took his picture.

Though JPEG data uses a gradation of 8 bits (256 gradations), it automatically expands to 16 bits (65,536 gradations) using SILKYPIX RAW Bridge. By addressing the JPEG data in a similar way to the RAW data, you can adjust the image quality rich gradation.

JPEG SILKYPIX Photography includes “likes”, a type of preset incorporating styles and useful ways. Choose a taste as “Landscape” or “Portrait” for a complete picture easily and fits your image. In addition, you can save all your custom settings and set as a preset flavor. The parameters are very useful features and can easily recreate themes and styles in any number of pictures you take.

Remove unwanted objects using the screening tool, such as dust which may occur due to contamination of the camera sensor. You can also adjust and apply rotation and cut as desired.

If you work with several images at the same time (such as images taken with continuous shooting) and adjust the taste and parameters, you can make corrections to all selected images at once.
For example, even if obscures the exposure settings of the camera, if you select that image and make the correction, you can correct all selected images at once.

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