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Tired of using the same old plugins distortion pedal? You want a little more room to experiment? It’s time to meet Indent 2 of Unfiltered Audio. With just a few adjustments, you can use this handy tool kit distortion to mark the correct sound in seconds. But do not be fooled by its simplicity; within this small package is a modeling tool highly versatile with no less than ten unique algorithms cut waves. It’s like having a full library of add-ons distortion in one package.

While Indent 2 will be at home in your guitar tracks, it is much more than an overdrive pedal. You can leave it at almost any track or group to add a touch of subtle flavor, or to overwhelm your senses with an explosion of delicious harmonics. Equipped with a variety of styles of different cuts, it may be its complement for finishing touches, and experimental effects.

The signal path Indent 2 consists of a customizable multimode filter, sandwiched between two stages of different cuts, which offer ten different selectable modes of distortion by the user: Clip hard, soft clip, wavy fold on fold, hard Tuck, distortion, Tube, Film, Gloubi, and Cubic. The inclusion of a filter in the internal signal path complement dramatically expands its versatility, so that it is easily adaptable to a wide range of modeling tasks waves. Add a filter resonant highpass and modulated after the first trimming step to obtain a techno sound old school on a track under synthesizer, then set the second stage cut “Wavefold” to smooth the signal and add some of the harmonics were cut by the filter.

With a little experimentation, you’ll see Indent 2 can imbue an almost infinite range of tones and emotions for any genre. Increase gain a cutout style “Wavefold” can be an excellent way of adding an aggressive tone punk rock to a vocal track, but redialing gain and set the style in “Tube”, and now his vocal tracks are near. -up, sense of intimacy that is perfect for a ballad. Do you have trouble getting your synth bass cut into the mix? Try using the “soft clip” along with a resonant high pass, and you are in business. You’ll be surprised how much you can make the right kind of distortion for mixing.

And here’s the best part: almost all parameters Indent 2 can be modular system with unique and intuitive modulation Unfiltered Audio. Simply assign a parameter using a virtual cable connection and then select from eight different modulators, including LFO, scrambler and even a programmable sequencer steps by the user. Classic tremolo effects and wah wah synchronized with the tempo are just the beginning. Module input gain of a drum with an envelope follower to blow blows the sticks and bleeding microphone, or reduce shock to peaks of a split second. Set the mode Band Reject filter and modulate the frequency with Sine LFO synchronized to the tempo for a Leslie effect on a guitar track; then apply the breast step sequencer for Leslie press with syncopated rhythms. That’s right, you can apply modulators other modulators!

Do you still not enough control for you? Check out one of the latest additions to its section Unfiltered Audio Modulation modulator Lightpad ROLI. Thanks to the seamless integration with the newest Unfiltered Roli driver, you can use simple gestural controls to modulate parameters Indent 2 in real time. Using the unique three-dimensional interface Lightpad, easily you can modulate multiple parameters, or even modulate other modulators. Apply the X and Y parameters filter cutoff and resonance to “draw” filter wraps on the surface of Lightpad, and use finger pressure to control resonance. Perfect to mount a highly portable configuration alive.

With Indent 2 rotating knobs you can create some exciting new sounds that keep your productions with a fresh, contemporary sound. This is a small package that is filled with colors.

Ideal for style effects pedal of familiar guitar and unusual sounds that surprise and provoke
Simple controls and intuitive visual interface helps you to saturate or maul the fast tracks and easily
Choose two of the ten algorithms cut: Hard Clip, Soft clip, Wavefold, overfold, Harsh Fold, Distortion, Tube, Tape, and Cubic Gloubi regardless of the input and output stages bleeding
The modulation system logo Unfiltered Audio provides eight modulators fully assignable and fully automatable (LFO sinusoidal LFO sawtooth / triangle LFO square wave follower input noise sample and hold, macro control, step sequencer and ROLI Lightpad), with drag and drop the virtual patch in each control knob
multimode filter analog style resonance control continuously variable
control mixture provides parallel processing
screen displays the processed in the sample level signal, guiding their settings control
AGC Button (automatic gain Compensation) 2x and 4x oversampling
switch OpenGL in the options menu
Ability to minimize modulators by clicking on their icons.
Ability to reset the LFO through a trigger input and a phase control
extended interface scaling options Option
Randomize Preset feature

– Uninstall previous versions 
– Copy the AU Ked complement your Components folder 
– Copy the contents of * Presets * to:
Library> Audio> Presets> Plugin Alliance < You
can create a folder called “Unfiltered Audio Indent 2” 
– Ready!

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